Dance Floor, Tent Floor, Carpet Runners

Our largest dance floor is 52' x 52' and is large enough for 800+ guests. Shown here is a 20' x 24' dance floor. Smaller and larger sizes are available in 4' increments in each direction. When sizing a dance floor, allow for 2.5 square feet per guest as not all guests will be dancing at the same time. For 100 guests x 2.5 square feet= 250 square feet, so a 16' x 16' (256 square feet) dance floor will be required as a minimum. If you want some extra room, order 1 size larger, for example 16' x 20'. 


Below is our tent floor

Red, White and Black Carpets available in 4' and 6' widths and 25' and 50' lengths (Indoor Use Only)


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