Catered Bar


Imagine having the convenience of a professionally managed bar complete with the ability to accept debit and credit cards. Our catered bar greatly reduces your liability and workload, allowing you to enjoy your whole weekend and providing convenience to your guests. If you decide to operate your own bar, the costs of obtaining a Special Occasion Permit and Party Alcohol Liability insurance are not your only considerations. You must also notify the Police Department, Fire Department and local Municipal officials; purchase more than two dozen different types of mixes and garnishes from the grocery store, make separate trips to the beer store and the liquor store and take all the empties and unused alcohol back the next day. And you have to do all this work right when you should be relaxing and enjoying yourselves. Most people who decide to operate their own bars end up purchasing too much alcohol and other supplies that never get consumed further adding to their costs and later realized they made the wrong decision.

Our catered bars, licenced by the Alcohol and Gaming Commision of Ontario are fully stocked with the brands you want. Our Smart Serve trained bartenders wear professional uniforms and leave you free to enjoy your evening without all the hassle and work of setting everything up and tearing it down a few hours later. With the ever increasing emphasis on alcohol safety, talk to us about how a catered bar could be the solution you are looking for. More and more brides and grooms are choosing this option when planning their big day.



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